About Us

EMDC group is a new generation engineering firm specialized in Electro-mechanical Design & Consultancy. We are dedicated to providing our services to developers, architects, design-build professionals, and private investors.

Our company has the ability to resolve the toughest design challenges through cost effective solutions. Focus is on quality, and prompt delivery of construction documents.

We work closely with the clients to understand their needs and take special measures to exceed their expectations. This can be seen by the quality of the deliverables and the commitment of the team.

Our goal during the Design phase is to translate the needs and requests of the clients into construction documents that are usable and understandable by a contractor.

To do this, we treat each project as unique and design the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems specifically for each type of facility. We balance the reliability of the system with the value of the project to produce a design that is both dependable and affordable.

Completed projects range from the restoration of existing buildings to the complete design of hotels, resorts, shopping centers, residential buildings, educational institutions, office buildings, medical facilities, governmental complexes, infrastructure network distribution and street lighting.

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